Tough Love: Wrestling Couples Who Are Real-Life Partners

The world of pro wrestling blends fantasy and reality together frequently. While the results are predetermined, much of the action in wrestling is real and many wrestling characters are offshoots of a wrestler’s real personality. The same goes for relationships. There are a great number of on-screen wrestling couples who actually dated in real life. Some of these on-screen relationships would end in marriage. Others ended in breakups or divorce. Regardless if or how these relationships ended, they were entertaining Take a peek at some of the best pro wrestler couples who dated in real life.

Nikki Bella

Older fans who kept a close eye on the biz during the 90s may recall The Enquirer’s claims that lil’ Rey Mysterio was wooing Friends star Jennifer Aniston. This, according to reports since, was either an urban legend created to get WCW’s masked man over or a flat out false non-story that should never have been published. Thankfully for those who can never quite seem to satisfy their love of reading gossip mags to find out all the juicy details, there are actual cases where bonafide celebs have dated WWE wrestlers.

Some of them have slipped under the radar completely, but others are still ongoing romances today. In fact, a handful have actually led to marriage with varying success.

Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace (born November 21, ) is an American retired professional wrestler signed to WWE under the ring name Nikki Bella. In June , Bella signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), and team matches, teaming with male wrestlers including Kofi Kingston and Robert Anthony.

Subscriber Account active since. Keibler got her start as one of the first ever Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders, was one of the faces of professional wrestling for years, and has tried her hand at modeling and acting. After falling off the radar for a bit, she’s back, with Clooney. Maybe she thinks it will jump star her career like all the other lovely ladies Clooney has dated. Keibler tried out for the Nitro Girls, and defeated other girls for a spot on this WCW dance team.

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Leah Goldman.

The Best On-Screen Pro Wrestling Couples That Were Together in Real Life

AJ Lee debuted on the main roster of WWE a year and a half ago and has had multiple romantic relationships with different WWE superstars whilst becoming the most popular diva. Relationships during this time are valid and debated. This relationship impacted both careers very minimally.

It looks like WWE star Becky Lynch is off the market. On Sunday, the four-time women’s champion appeared to confirm her relationship with.

In the era of social media and the internet, the private lives of WWE superstars have never been more exposed to the spotlight. Today, it is not just the in-ring and storyline aspects of their character which fascinate fans, but what happens behind the curtain too. Finding love and holding down a relationship and a family can be difficult for performers who are on the road for most of the year.

While some get around this by dating — or marrying — someone with the same lifestyle and having their relationship woven into their work, others keep their private lives more private. The leader of the Cenation was married from to and was then involved in a very high-profile relationship with Nikki Bella, which culminated in him proposing to her in the middle of the ring at Wrestlemania. But the pair went their separate ways in , one month before they were due to marry.

Cena then kept his love life quiet for a while, but has now gone public with his relationship with Shay Shariatzadeh, who works for Avigilon in Vancouver. The Phenomenal One has been married to Wendy since and the pair have three sons and a daughter together.

Wrestling couples

It’s not uncommon for professional wrestlers to be in relationships with their colleagues. People often meet their partners at their place of work and, considering wrestlers travel with and spend more time together than those in any other profession, it’s to be expected. Dating between fellow wrestlers may have happened a lot more than we knew about in years past without social media, but it has particularly increased now with larger women’s rosters in WWE.

Even in the s, there would only be a handful of women in the company, so it’s not like male wrestlers had many options. Today, thanks in part to the Women’s Evolution, there are dozens of women either wrestling or involved with the company in other capacities.

Wrestling isn’t a career that can be done without a hundred percent effort put in, which is why there are many male wrestlers in the company.

Royal Rumbles make for romance? Wrestling is a weird place as you have people running all over the country and the world due to how hectic their schedules are. It turns out that two people might be able to make it work. According to Ringsidenews. The two have been seen at a variety of places outside of WWE, along with Rollins showing up at a SmackDown Live house show about miles from his home in Iowa.

Neither has made any comment on this and there is of course the chance that this is merely just a coincidence between two people who work together. Everyone out there wondering if Seth and Becky are dating while I’m over here wondering what she’s reading on her phone??? Sami Bear? FiendOrFriend March 16, Do you think the two are together?

AJ Lee: Ranking Her Romantic Relationships in WWE

However, that’s surprisingly not the case as Randy’s married to Kim Kessler. Instead, Kessler’s just like the rest of us and she had been a huge Randy Orton fan prior to even meeting ‘The Viper’. Randy and Kim ended up crossing paths at a WWE event in New York a number of years back sometime in , and Orton was the one who made the first move by asking for Kessler’s name. Randy and Kim ‘tied the knot’ in November after a few years of dating, and they’ve been going strong ever since.

Kessler live happily with Randy and her four children three from a previous relationship and one with Orton.

We’ve seen plenty of iconic couples on-screen who were dating or instances where WWE paired two Superstars together even though they.

The matches are scripted, and the relationships the stars have with each other are created for entertainment purposes. Sometimes true feelings blossom, and these wrestling couples found love together in real life. Perhaps one of the most powerful couples in the wrestling business today is Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch. The pair are standout performers on the roster and are deservedly two of the most popular wrestlers in the world.

The pair began dating in and announced their engagement to the world recently. A few years ago, it seemed as though the WWE had a hot new couple on the scene.

The Women Behind The Wrestlers: Meet The WWE Wives

WWE superstars work closely together behind the scenes that sometimes, form a real-life connection between them. Many have even gone on for years before splitting up. One of the most popular WWE couples to break up was John Cena and Nikki Bella, who called of their wedding a month before its planned date.

WWE stars Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins are in the prime of their careers — in and out the wrestling ring. Becky aka “The Man” was the WWE Raw and.

Scroll down this WWE memory lane to find out what they and our other favorite female champions have been up to, and how different they look today…. The blonde beauty joined WWE in and was known for her courtship, both on and off the ring, with Marc Mero. But in Sable shocked the wrestling world by leaving WWE, and sued them for harassment and poor working conditions.

The case was eventually settled. In the WWE star returned to the ring but left again in Sable went on to divorce Mero, and is happily married to wrestler Brock Lesnar since The couple now have three children together. She was known especially for her suggestive entrances to the ring. Keibler went on to appear on the second season of Dancing With The Stars and acted in various sitcoms. She even dated George Clooney for two years.

Keibler is now promoting healthy living on social media, and is married to businessman Jared Pobre. The two welcomed daughter Ava in , and son Bodhi in The stunning blond from Canada started wrestling with WWE in

Complete List of WWE Wrestlers Who Are Dating Other WWE Wrestlers

Professional wrestlers are known for their strength, fearlessness, and ego. These days, it seems that every great wrestler has a beautiful woman supporting them whether they win or lose. Here are some of our favorite wives in the wrestling world. What initially began as a scripted relationship blossomed into something real when Hunter Hurst Hemsley, aka Triple H, started a relationship with Stephanie McMahon.

Despite having dated as many as six different WWE superstars on screen, AJ Lee’s career has improved dramatically and she is clearly a top draw for a reason​.

For many, the WWE is the highest form of art. It features showmanship, athleticism, and a whole lot of drama. The drama, in particular, is what pulls us in and keeps us invested in the carnage — especially the weird and wonderful characters on display. Of course there are superstars who possess the personality of a pet rock, but there are also those who have the gift to make us love or hate them passionately — regardless of who they are in their personal lives.

You only need to look back at “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels in the mid ’90s as the perfect example of this. He was revered by the fans and celebrated as the company’s top babyface, but he was loathed by his peers for being problematic and impossible to work with. In other instances, the character is a mere extension of the person in real life. Out of interest, we’ll be taking a look at some of the biggest names around and exposing what they’re really like when they’re outside of the squared circle.

Some might surprise you, while others are exactly what you’d expect. As an Olympic gold medalist and multiple-time world champion, Kurt Angle is a well-known and prestigious name in the wrestling community.