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Glass marbles with sulphide figures never seen before began appearing between December and February Many of the marbles have two separate figures Fig. Are the recently offered doubles and singles genuine Victorian-era originals? This article will compare known old original sulphides with the unknown types that began appearing in late The appearance of previously unknown sulphides like the double figure above has started a debate over when these previously unknown marbles were made. Original double figure sulphides sell from several thousand dollars and up, so there is a considerable amount of money involved. The term sulphide is used to describe decorative white clay figures that are inserted into molten glass.


This long-awaited 4th edition provides a full-color look at the rarest and most collectible marbles in the world, aiding in identification and giving marble enthusiasts an eyeful of what’s out there. A history of marble types and manufacturers is included in the book, as well as important information on spotting fakes and reproductions. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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Dating old marbles. American youtuber jenna marbles has a common hobby of games played with everyone. Since collecting antique, and identification tools for​.

A glimpse at the various types of marbles made between and in the United States and Germany. From left: handmade marbles with solid core and swirled centers; a grouping of 20th century machine-made slag glass marbles dating from to from manufacturers Akro Agate, Christensen, Alox Mfg. The fancy glass canes on the top are the type used to make handmade marbles. The answer is they are all collector names for the brightly colored, machine-made glass marbles that were produced in America during the 20th century.

In days gone by, spring was the season for marbles. As soon as the school yard thawed enough for kids to form a “potsy” in the dirt with the heels of their shoes, recess competition began.

Marble (toy)

Comments Off on. Over the years, increasingly intricate dating beautiful marbles have become available; as a result, collectors have become interested in finding rare or interesting examples. Although marbles can be affordable for all collector budgets, marbles collectors know that prices can range into the thousands of dollars. This “blizzard” onionskin type with suspended bits of mica was the top-selling marble in the Morphy Auction, March sale. Dating rare 4-panel onionskin antique with suspended antique of mica was a top-selling marbles marbles the Morphy Auction, March sale.

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Bring it to Dr. Marbles, those small ordinary spheres of clay, glass, agate or plastic have been a popular toy since the time of the ancient Romans. Marbles were uncovered during the archaeological excavations of ancient Rome. Marbles have been played with worldwide for centuries. Arguably the most famous marble tournament takes place at Tinsley Green, West Sussex, England at the World Marbles Tournament where they have been playing the game since the s there.

The world tournament debuted in

A Helpful Guide to Identify Antique Marbles

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Computer games are a favorite with children today, and games like Ringer, Marble Arch, Lagging, etc., playing with marbles are yet to captivate the minds of​.

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Twenty-one 19th Century Antique Latticino & Swirl Marbles

Computer games are a favorite with children today, and games like Ringer, Marble Arch, Lagging, etc. Today, these vintage marbles are collected rather than played with. HobbyZeal’s collection of marbles reveals some secrets on how to identify antique marbles for your collection! The exact origin of the marble still remains a mystery. Marbles have been rolling through history since thousands of years ago. In the earlier times, Egyptians believed the animal-bone-made marbles were a type of spiritual medium.

Free Marble Appraisals and Identification, Buy and Sell Marbles. PLEASE NOTE: Marble values (and all collectibles / antiques) have taken a significant listed are rarely accurate due to market fluctuations since a books published date​.

Condition: 9. Indian Mag Lite Marble Deep cobalt blue with strong outer appraisals of yellow, blue, white, purple, old and appraisal. Source: Morphy’s Auctions. May Continue Reading. LiveAbout uses pictures to provide you with a great user experience. By using LiveAbout, you accept our. Since collecting marbles is such a common hobby, it’s important to understand a bit about what makes old and new marbles different.

Here are six differences as well as a few appraisals to help people get a marble appraisal started. Pictures of years ago, Egyptians seemed to believe that a marble made of animal bones could be used as a sort of imperial medium. Meanwhile, other civilizations focused their price of marbles on recreation. An ancient child’s tomb in modern-day Nepal was found to contain marbles, and Handmade pictures were known to use agate marbles for games. Handmade children loved the price of marbles, and Caesar Augustus himself was known to play.

Although so many civilizations played marbles, the rules of the game were apparently passed down through oral tradition.

How to Identify Antique Marbles

Marbles evoke memories of childhood and simpler times; perhaps this is why they are collected with such enthusiasm. Marble fans won’t want to be without this fantastic reference, which has been the standard collecting guide since its first publication nearly 35 years ago. Collecting Antique Marbles not only provides upto-date pricing information in US dollars, it provides collecting tips and advice on the hobby every collector should know.

This long-awaited 4th edition provides a full-colour look at the rarest and most collectible marbles in the world, aiding in identification and giving marble enthusiasts an eyeful of what’s out there. A history of marble types and manufacturers is included in the book, as well as important information on spotting fakes and reproductions.

Many old vintage and antique collectible marbles are so damaged with nicks, I was ready for the biggest challenge as of date – repairing a sulphide marble.

All previous Marbles of the Day are on our Facebook page at www. Text an image to me at and I’ll text the identification back to you. They asked me to identify and appraise them. Here’s a link to the full show. The appraisal occurs at about minute You can now order marble reference books from the Marble Shop on this site.

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